Ordering and availability

Once you have decided what varieties and quantities you will need, call us or email your order in to us at least 4 days ahead of your connection day in Miami.

Example: If you need your flowers connected by Saturday, please make sure to order them by Wednesday morning. The sooner the better!

Remember we only ship fresh products directly from the farm!

Order at least 4 day ahead of your pick up day in Miami.


We offer two different ordering options:

You can either purchase flowers and roses at market prices where your price will be calculated based on the current market price at the time of your order or we can help you set up standing orders with fixed prices for your year round needs. Standing orders guarantee you and your customers a fixed supply of flowers, as well as fixed delivery dates and prices all year round.

we will let you know what is available and the price at the moment.


We’ve partnered with PanAtlantic cargo and K&M Handling to bring our flowers from origin into Miami, FL. Together with our cargo partners we can guarantee that the cold chain from the farm to Miami will be kept all throughout and that your flowers will be  moved safely from warehouses to airplanes to trucks without suffering unnecessary damage.

For a list of transportation companies from Miami to the rest of the continent please click here.

Your orders arrive into Miami, if you are in another state we will deliver them to your trucking company of choice.

We want to make sure every order you receive is to your satisfaction and for that, we ask that you provide us with feedback on all of your orders. All of our products go through a quality control process before they are shipped. However, if any issues arise please feel free to contact us to find the best possible solution for you and your business.

*Prices are subject to change for different reasons, the main reason is weather but also offer and demand. Make sure to place your orders promptly.